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My teen is starting to drive and I would like to know if there is any way to keep her car insurance rates low

Auto insurance can be a major part of each family year’s budget. Decreasing insurance premiums can be one of the best ways for families to improve their budget. Families should focus on factors they have control over in order to decrease auto insurance premiums.

Driving record is the most important factor. A teen driver’s short driving history can affect the affordability of car insurance for teens. If a teen’s driving record has tickets or claims, his auto insurance rates can increase drastically. As such, parents should set example to their children that by doing defensive driving actually saves money. The teens look up to their parents even the way they drive and their habits when driving. As such, this affects how a teen will actually drive come future time.

One great activity the family can participate in that can also earn a discount is to take a safe driving course as a family. Most insurance companies offer discounts to drivers that take an approved safe driving course.

Im only 17 years old and will be purchasing my first car next month or so. Is it possible to get car insurance without my parents?

It is unlikely that you will be able to purchase car insurance policy without your parents or a legal guardian to help you sign with the contract.

An auto insurance policy is a legal contract. Many states require policyholders to sign the documents to make them binding and insurers generally have underwriting guidelines restrictions to the named insured should not be under the age of eighteen. Well since you said that you are 17 years old, it is unlikely that you can get your own car insurance policy without your parents with you to sign the contract with you.

Typically, you need list all members of the household that is 14 years old and older, whether they are licensed or not. These household members must be included in the rating otherwise they should be excluded specifically on the policy.

You can purchase an auto insurance policy but, because of your age your parent would need to sign the documents with you.

For the meantime, if you still live with your parents, you can be added to your parents policy until you become 18 years old. If your parents are worried of getting expensive car insurance rate, you can share payment for the premium until you get your own policy. Keep in mind that it is much cheaper to be added to your policy than having a separate policy.

Must I go online to obtain a cheap car insurance rate for my Ford?  I have a DUI so I will need SR22 car insurance coverage, but I need it cheap since I am a broke college student.

Going online will help you find a lot cheap car insurance rate especially for a brand that is difficult to insure inexpensively. A Ford car is usually associated with big engines and speed, two things that are not popular among insurance companies. On the Internet, there are so many offers for various cars that getting a quote for a cheap sr22 car insurance rate will not be a problem. You can obtain so many quotes that choosing the ideal one will be easy. Going online can only do so much since the cheap car insurance rate provided by an online broker is just an estimate.

It is still better to get the services of a broker who specializes in expensive cars, particularly that of Ford. A broker familiar with insuring a Ford automobile will be able to help you get the best deal. There is another way for you to obtain an insurance that is quite low compared to what you will have to pay for a Ford coverage. Change into a less expensive car since it’s a sure way of lowering premiums. But if you love your Ford, you must do a lot of shopping online and from local insurers to actually get a relatively cheap car insurance.  As far as the cheap SR22 car insurance …. that will be hard to get but not impossible.
I bought my teenage son his first car here in Utah. Is there a way that I can save on his car insurance, who has cheap rates these days?

The occurrence of car insurance claims for accidents involving teenage drivers are usually higher, which means that getting your teenage son car insurance will be expensive for you. However, if your son can maintain a clean driving record, his car insurance rates will most likely be reduced with age. Try to educate your teenage son about being a good and responsible driver.

And along with responsibility comes the significance of having car insurance. Try explaining to him the functions and relevance of car insurance and why a teenage driver like him needs to have one. Don’t forget to remind him as well about the expenses and costs of car insurance premiums, so that he’ll have a better understanding of how to save up for it.

Why don’t you let your son share with you some of the costs for his car insurance premiums? That way, his mind can focus on driving safely because he knows that if he damages the car, his insurance rates might go up. Also, tell him about the effect of traffic violation tickets on car insurance rates. The more tickets you get, the higher premiums you pay.

If you want to get cheaper rates, there are insurance companies in Utah that give discounts on their policies. Just make sure that your son has a good record without traffic violations or insurance claims.

There are also discounts for good driving students especially if you’re adding your teenage son to your car insurance policy. Try surfing the web for free online quotes or call your local agent to find more about how you can save up on your son’s car insurance rates.

Ask for discounts, you never know what you might be able to get and how much you can save by asking. Some popular discounts can be given for:

1. Military personnel

2. Good grade students

3. Union membership and bank member affiliations

4. Safe drivers with no claims in last 7 years

5. Defensive driving school attendance

6. Clean credit history – used by many carriers to determine payment risk

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Hi. We just got a new car here in Austin, Texas. My son has been pressuring us to let him drive. But we’re having second thoughts about it because when we asked for a quote from our auto insurance company, the rates were just too high. Would you know how I can save on teen driver insurance in the Austin area?

Sadly, getting a teen driver insurance or adding a teen driver to your policy will cost you more than you would expect. The good news is, there are several ways of bringing this rate down for you. So read on. First of all, the best way to get the best rate is to compare between several automotive insurance providers in Austin. Of course, I wouldn’t want you to waste your time going to different offices or making several phone calls. The easiest way to do this is to go online and look for those nifty new websites that give free car insurance quotes. If you have two or more cars, check which car they list your teenage driver under.

There are some companies that will include your teen driver on the policy for your most expensive car, thus giving you a higher premium than if they listed the teen with the cheaper vehicle. If you do this, make sure you don’t let your teen drive the more expensive one. Another way would be to have your teen take some Driver’s Education classes.

Some companies offer a discount to teens who read up on their offered courses. Another way could be to volunteer to pay for a higher deductible. This would cost you if your child ever does get into an accident but would save you on your premiums.

I recently got my learner’s permit in Bethlehem Pennsylvania PA but I can never use the car without my father on my wheels! It’s so uncool! How can I shake my father off?

Let me explain where I am coming from: I am also a father. And I can tell you that there are many reasons why your father wants to be beside you when you drive the car. Of course, the very first obvious reason is your safety. Since you have just earned your learner’s permit, it is presumed that you are not yet as experienced on the road as your father and naturally he doesn’t want anything bad to happen to you. Second is that a learner’s permit has some restrictions, one of which is that you should only drive when you have an authorized driver beside you.

The next reason has got something to do with auto insurance. You see, insurance companies in Bethlehem Pennsylvania PA require that you declare any significant changes in your life that may affect your auto insurance policy. One of this will be authorized drivers of the vehicle. If it so happened that you got into an accident while you are driving it on your own with your learner’s permit, not only will your license be revoked, but also, your father will not be able to claim anything from his auto insurance company.

Many insurance companies in Bethlehem Pennsylvania PA require that your father (authorized driver) be with you all the time when you drive the insured car. So you see for now, you have to enjoy your father’s company while you drive the car. I am sure that your father will include you as an authorized driver once you get your proper driver’s license, in which case you can now drive the car on your own. This would entail costs, however and you might want to help your dad hasten the process by getting online quotes from sites like these. You see that little space on this page, Jeff? That’s where you enter your zip code to get free quotes. Just answer the questions and make sure to add yourself as a driver to get relevant quotes.

I wish you a wonderful first-time driving experience!

We purchased a new vehicle for our seventeen year old daughter and we would like to get a separate car insurance policy for her so we will not be liable if anything happens. But our car insurance company in Paterson, New Jersey said that we will still be held responsible in case of accident, is this correct?
Generally, yes, it is true that you will still be responsible as parent to a minor. In many states, a minor will require consent from their parents. In most states, a teenager will need to get their parent’s consent form before they can get their drivers license that state that parent’s will be held liable for any negligent acts that will cause damages.

In the state of New Jersey, I not aware of any age restrictions on getting car insurance if you only have provisional license or learners permit. Normally you will need to have your parent’s consent before you can purchase car insurance if you are still a minor since you will need to sign to a legal binding paperwork. So, if you are still seventeen years old and planning to purchase car insurance in New Jersey, then you would need to have your parent or legal guardian to sign the car insurance policy with you.It is much cheaper to add your child in your car insurance policy in Paterson, New Jersey than having a separate car insurance policy for your daughter. You may consider to get umbrella policy to protect your assets.

I have two teenage daughters that are going to be 16 in a few months. They will be obtaining their license shortly after that. Will they automatically be insured once they get their license on my insurance policy? They will only be driving with an adult. Do I have to add them on my insurance policy? As long as they drive one of my vehicles are they covered?
Insurance guidelines and state laws differ so you will need to inform your insurance company’s agent and discuss the licensing of your teenage daughters and when they will need to be added to the policy.

An insurance company is allowed to consider all resident operators of an insured car in rating of an auto insurance policy. This includes your teens, even if he or she has only a learner’s permit.

Some insurance providers will not require children to be added during the permit stage but will once they obtain their junior, provisional or full license. Other insurance companies have internal guidelines that require you to add your teens as soon as they start the licensing process. If you want to know the state laws regarding auto insurance for teens you can contact your state’s insurance regulator.
Can school grades or enrolling in driving school help reduce insurance cost for my son’s car?

Yes. Try to look for insurance companies that offer discounts to students who maintain a B average or higher. As much as 25% discount is usually granted for such. Also, substantial discounts are given by most insurance companies to teenagers who graduate from safe driving program or driver’s education class. So you might want to consider enrolling your son in a driving school if he will be a first time driver.
I am 17 years. old and have no driver’s license or permit yet. I am having hard time finding information concerning car insurance options that would be available to me, so that I can get my license. Can you please give me any suggestion regarding this?
Typically, if you are residing with your parents, they can request their insurance company to add you to their policy once you are permitted or obtain a junior or full license. Insurance carriers differ about if they will require you on the car insurance policy with only a permit or will wait till you are licensed.

If you live on your own, as a inexperienced and young teen driver without a full license or even permit, it can be hard to find car insurance. Probably, you can get an insurance policy but most insurance providers will want you to acquire a full license within 30 to 45 days from the inception of your policy. If you cannot obtain a regular license by that time, then the insurance policy will cancel.

Some insurance companies might require you to list a fully licensed motorist of 21 years of age or older on the policy with you.

How much does your auto insurance rate go up when adding on a new teenage motorist in Chicago ? Can I get a range.

Since teenagers that are newly licensed have such high rates of accidents that is why they cost more to insure than an experienced motorist who is more prone to avoid an accident than cause it.

The costs of adding a teenager in Chicago IL will depend upon your your geographical location, your current car insurance rates and your teen to name a few. For example if you reside in a congested area where your teen is more likely to be involved in an accident compared to a more suburban or rural area the insurance rate to insure your teenager will likely be higher.

Basically if you add a young driver in Chicago IL, it may cost $1200 to even $2500 a year. A 16 year old, on the average, can expect to pay 2.52 times the base rate for their car insurance. So if you as a parent of a teenager now pay $500 for a year of auto insurance, then adding a 16 year old newly licensed teen driver onto your policy could raise your insurance rates to (again on average) $1260 for a year of auto insurance.

Im 19 years old and I need an sr22 insurance certificate. If my parents has full coverage, do I still need it?

A Sr-22 is a proof that you have a certain type of insurance. It is a certificate that an insurance provider files with the state. This is a a certificate that shows proof to the Department of Motor Vehicles, stating that the individual is meeting the states requirement for auto liability insurance. In addition to that, sr22 certifies that a motorist has the ability to pay future claims up to the state required limit.

It looks like the state in which you are residing is requiring you to acquire a SR-22 due to a traffic offense, accident or failure to show proof of insurance previously. The reasons may vary from state to state

Even with your parent’s having full coverage, which typically means state minimum required liability, if the state requires you to obtain the SR-22 to reinstate your license or for any reason, you will need to do so in order to have driving privileges.

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Car Tips Insurance

As a parent, what can you do to help your teens be more responsible on the road and with their insurance premium?

Teenagers’ having their own license is the manner of screaming their independence on the road. Along with this, parents become more apprehensive whether their young driver will be responsible enough to take care of their premium. A lot of teenagers don’t know and don’t even think about how much their policy premium cost and the all the factors influencing this.

As parents of young drivers, they tend to be more secure if teenagers understand the relevance of safe driving. In line with this, agents of insurance companies encourage teenagers who will be having their first car insurance to be involved in discussing the cost and complexities of car insurance to their parents. Agents will serve as a lead in educating and giving these new drivers a concrete perceptive of traffic tickets, collisions and will also facilitate in rousing teenagers to be further responsible when driving.

When car insurance agents work with parents in educating their young drivers in addition to all the questions they have in mind, a good relationship will be formed. This rapport will provide a positive outlook for teenagers to be more careful to their first time on the road on its own. Teenagers who follow the regulations of the road and gain knowledge on the value of responsible driving will be more expected to drive defensively as well as maintaining their insurance premiums low.

Hello! My dad recently bought me a used Honda Civic. I am still a freshman in college and was wondering how I can reduce the high cost of auto insurance since I’ll be the one paying for it. Are there discounts for cheap car insurance for college students?

Cheap car insurance for young drivers is still possible to find these days. The first step is to go to an online car insurance comparison website. Fill up the form with your personal and vehicle information and once you done that, submit it and a list of car insurance company will show you their on going rate. Just take note of the most inexpensive rate because it still doesn’t end there. The insurance quote you got is just an idea on how low your insurance rate can be. You can still lower that quote by doing the following:

Save money on a savings account so you can increase your deductible. A higher deductible means lower insurance premiums and you’ll be confident in an event of an accident because you know you can cover the high deductible amount that you choose.

If you learn how to drive from a relative or a friend, learn and get a defensive driving certificate to lower your premiums.

Cheap car insurance for young drivers means sticking to a low profile car. Don’t think you can have a fast and powerful car and at the same time asking for a cheap car insurance.

If you still live with your parents, register the vehicle under their name and get a discount for being in their insurance policy.
Cheap car insurance for college students is achievable but you need to allocate your time and you should be ready to work for it.

I’m 18 and I am shopping for car insurance. I am quite frustrated with the high rate quotes that auto insurance companies are quoting for me. Why is this so?
You should not be surprised that car insurance for teenagers is more expensive that you have thought. Car insurance is expensive because statistics reveal that young drivers are involved in more cases of car collisions and damages. Car insurance companies base their rates on this statistic, which makes it hard for you to get cheap car insurance.

Likewise, young drivers like you do not have the years of driving to speak of. Because you may have started driving for a maximum of 2 years, your driving history is too short. You are still an unproven driver. Car insurance companies will regard you as a risky driver, thus you will be given expensive car insurance for teenagers.

Why do I need to get an SR22 Non Owners insurance policy when I don’t even drive or own a personal vehicle here in California?

Anyone who operates a car, regardless if they own the vehicle or borrows one from someone else. And exhibits a certain degree of risk while on the road can definitely be required to get an SR22 insurance coverage. Even if you don’t drive your own car, if you have gotten involved in the following scenarios, then you are most likely to get an SR22 insurance in order to get your driver’s license back:

  • Got arrested for DUI (Driving Under the Influence) a.k.a DWI (Driving While Intoxicated)
  • Accumulating three or more motoring/ moving violations within the year
  • Involvement in a car accident without carrying adequate auto insurance
  • Driving without a valid license or without carrying auto insurance coverage
  • Leaving an infant unattended inside a running vehicle
  • Improper use of seatbelts.

In your case, it would be necessary to get an SR22 Non-owners insurance coverage which is basically liability insurance coverage for those who don’t own or drive their own vehicles but has shown exhibited a high-degree of unsafe driving behaviors to be a significant threat against the welfare of other motorists and pedestrians.

California would want to make sure that these kinds of drivers are carrying adequate levels of liability auto insurance coverage in case they cause an auto accident and injures people,and damage properties as well. If you need a Non-owners SR22 coverage or would like to get a food idea of how much it costs, we highly recommend running a free insurance quote check on this website. You will get timely rates from many cheap SR22 car insurance carriers in your area that you can use to compare for the best policy available.